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“Twinning In Ikat for our 50th Birthday”

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

A cup of coffee with sweets and savories, she sat at her garden backyard with a tray of cupcakes along, spending time with her beautifully grown daughters. The fresh breeze gushing through her hair, she embraced it with so much peace. Her daughters playing with colors, paints and pots adding more colors to the life made the day eventful. The dogs came running to her surprise, as she thought they have gone for their regular walk with her husband. She started cuddling them, caressing them they adored her so much in love, they barked and, hey! They loved the sweets and savories too which were handmade by her.

While they were chit-chatting, they had unexpected visitors from the neighborhood town. The air was filled with excitement and happiness to see her sister’s family. The smiles eventually filled their eyes with happiness to greet and meet each other after such a long time due to the pandemic. So, the question came – “wow! that was surprising indeed, but what happened suddenly you all are here, is everything ok?”, and the element of surprise came quick, its long weekend, and its our birthday too, how did you forget? Oh my God! Yes, I forgot the days with kids being at home no schedule just going with the flow.

Now, the conversations continued throughout the nights, endlessly for the next day with starters to supper the discussion didn’t end. They both wanted to twin in a nice sassy and trendy wear for the day to cherish turning sizzling 50’ and mentioned it to their daughters. With the lockdown around the town the girls helped them to search through multiple online portals. In between the popcorns, hot-hot pakora’s, chips and nachos the kids were busy finding the right outfit for their mothers. And, Eureka! They saw a beautiful feminine website Anvi’s Vogue, pinkish and floral shaded, short and lovely, to the point of sale and easy buying for customers.

The best was the girls couldn’t stop from checking out the blouses for themselves as well. Later, they saw the plus size Ikat blouses so beautiful and smart, they called up the store to check if they do delivery in Washington, and if they customize according to their requirement, to their luck they said YES. And, that’s the full-stop for searching and now they have suggested the ideas to Ms. Aparna the founder of Anvi’s Vogue, she added a charm to their ideas with a nice white khadi cotton jacket with Chicken Kari work paired with denims or boot pants is definitely a style statement. The measurements were given to stitch the readymade sleeveless ikat blouse in black and maroon combination for one and the other was Black with Red.

The day came before their birthday’s and waiting to see their kid’s surprise plans for them. The knock on the door, excitement filled the room they grabbed their bags and rushed to see what’s inside. They were definitely on their new born day! The blouses were a perfect fit but they thought it was for a saree, they didn’t realize it could be matched some other ways too. The girls were waiting for the call and there it goes, - what should we do with the white jacket its beautiful but wonder how to go with it?” The girls giggled and said, - that is the trend just wear the jacket on top of your blouse and pair with denims or boot jeans of yours, no saree please.

The mothers wildly chinned up and added flavor to their daughter’s idea accessorized with simple earrings, subtle makeup, good colo choice of lipstick and wore a red & blue stump on their feet respectively. They walked down the stairs to the hall wearing their big wide smile, that illuminated the entire room stealing so many hearts from their families, the husbands completely awestruck and commented, “by any chance are you guys aging backwards?” and the bursting of birthday balloons, singing happy birthday, a blessing with a blush hush.

The family hugged it out, cheered up and feasted on a scrumptious spread, further slept on it gathered memories of fun & frolic filling the year 2021 a good one.

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