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Getting the perfect size of blouse is absolutely important if you want the blouse to fit your body shape. If you are wondering how you can get the perfect fit blouse for yourself, then we’ve got a simple and easy size guide for you

Know Your Size

The size of your bust is quite often the size of your blouse too. So whenever you place an order, make sure you select a size that’s same as your lingerie size. There might by slight variations since blouses don’t have sizes like 36 A, B, C, D & E. So if your size falls in 36D or 36E, you will have to use a size 38 blouse.  

Get Alteration Done

In case you do not find a size that perfectly fits, we can provide you with alterations at minimal charges as low as it could get to. We can also do specific alterations like attaching sleeves or adding pads to your blouse. Just drop us a message about what alteration you want in the note before checkout with your perfect measurements for Armhole, Waist and Bust, and we’ll get it done for you or email us at

Extra Margin Provided

We always provide extra margin of the fabric in all the blouses along the stitching line. So in case the size is slightly uncomfortable, you can always adjust your blouse accordingly.

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