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A Journey Of Hues

When the festive season is knocking at your door all you need is a fresh and bloom look with replenishing outfit of the day. And when the festive is Indian all we do is go vibrant and vivacious. The month of September marks the beginning for a calendar block to meet the festive needs and my friend wanted to grace each day with her infectious smile and colorful saree. Anyone can rob her wardrobe for the options for any day with matching blouses organized and shelved.

But still she was not satisfied to choose one among the many for the nearest festive of the year. A festive that marks the joy of colors, new beginning, optimistic values sowed, a plan to meet and greet friends and well-wishers. With the pandemic round the clock outdoor shopping was out of the syllabus question for her, she started with multiple online shops with window shopping.

Those hundred questions about the size fit, matching and to be smart with the generation swag took her to the doors of a friend’s young entrepreneur home. The introduction was fresh, and new but from the same community and culture sharing the same cuisine food is soul to many things, right? The three hours conversation and chit chat opened the doors to online site “Anvi’s Vogue”. She saw wonderful collection and couldn’t stop scrolling.

The scroll took her to the pages of the updated trending Kalamkari design, which is the ancient style of hand printing done on cotton or silk fabric with a tamarind pen, using vegetable dyes or natural dyes. The Persian term speaks loud about itself, ‘kalam means pen and kari means craftsmanship’. Oh, yes, she did a detailed search as the designs were magnanimously spread across, vibrant and super attractive to match with any silk sarees, or plain georgette or all.

The new trend setter of colorfully block printed kalamkari blouses matched to a nice plain white silk saree and she paired it with beautiful danglers with just her imagination. She had it all in place for Onam, the one festival all waited to flaunt and share the joy of food, love, happiness and success with family, friends, neighbors, and well-wishers. The Sathya was deliciously spread, and she had moments of selfies, self-love and the joy to be different from everyday pair of jeans and shirt.

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